Wednesday, November 30, 2016

LGBT and flights

Have you ever had that feeling where you're sitting in one place and your surrounding keeps moving? That moment when your stomach curls and butterflies turn into gigantic elephants? All you can only see and understand is the ever growing feeling inside you... to throw up! Yes, you guessed it. 
Motion sickness. 
This piece is totally going to be about how it ruined my chance at Bollywood. Confused much? I'll tell you how..

God's own country - a place where bananas are fried and leaves are eaten upon. Where queues in front of the bar are longer than those in front of banks. Having enjoyed an impromptu vacation for a couple of days, it was time for me to return. Apart from the fact that I love travelling, I'm a huge subscriber of something that comes with the baggage, i.e. motion sickness. Love it, hate it, but it never lets me ignore it. Mindful not to fall sick 40,000 feet above the ground, amidst the beautiful sky and clouds, I popped a pill supposedly assigned to make me feel better.

Did the pill make me shut my mouth?(pun intended)
DAMN YES because now I was drowsy and felt like I'd just been tranquillised. 
I'm a big sucker for window seats and hence made sure I got one on the plane. A few mins later, a Blondie in his mid 50s sat next to me. Another few mins later his Indian friend came and sat next to him. They seemed to be dressed like in a band. Long hair, leather jackets and swag face. 
As the flight started taking off, suddenly, Blondie clutched Indie's hand and intertwined their fingers. He shut his eyes tightly like a small child afraid of planes and tightened the grip of his hand. It was one of the most heartwarming scenes of my 2016. 

Welcome to India 2016 where a new age queer couple is travelling and taking life just like the rest. 

The pill was starting to act in all its glory and I dozed off by the time we started seeing the clouds. I  woke up wanting to click a picture of their hands but just then, yay i fell asleep again. (P.S. they kept holding hands till we landed) :)

We landed in Pune and I asked the cute Indie to help me with my bag.

(Okay, please wait for the climax)

Days after that, I was awake one midnight as usual, watching videos on YouTube. On the side bar, I saw something. No, I saw someone in a video. Familiar and unable to recollect. Who is he? Kaun hai woh? I opened the video and it was an interview with Kareena Kappor Khan. 
I was busy looking at the host and... DAMN!!! He's the Indie!!! 

Apparently, I slept off sitting next to the Indie who is a popular Bollywood figure in terms of anchoring, story writing and screenplay writing for another Bollywood director with similar 'tastes' as his. 

Made me wonder... why is his relationship status single to the world? You have a beautiful relation Indie, and with the most lovely person. It doesn't matter if you both are the same sex. We need more beautiful souls like you. Ones who can just love; without reason and compulsion. Seeing you both made my heart melt.. there I was, sitting next you, at the window seat, being the quintessentially 'normally' oriented person by Indian standards and all I could hold on to was my book when the plane took off :) 
Much love to all who find love irrespective of sex, colour, age, caste, time and religion. As an ode to Indie and Blondie, I shall soon be writing more about the most overused word in our dictionaries - Love. 

And damn you, medications! You cost me my Bollywood debut! :D

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