Monday, November 28, 2016

Bitter half makeovers

Like any normal day, I was incessantly switching from multiple social networks to find something to grab my attention, and boy, how it did! 
I came across a few similar posts which read "XYZ's shocking transformation after breakup!" "ABC does not look like this anymore after divorce!" Wondering if they had gotten themselves a plastic surgery done, I curiously opened the damn link! So that's how social media marketing is done... HMMM. 
Anyway, I was directed to an actress's makeover pictures after an ugly divorce following a very abusive marriage. She was the same - just shorter hair, a new tattoo on her hand quoting philosophy and holiday pictures by the beach. This got me thinking. Why had she waited all this long to cut her hair short? Or just go away on vacation? Bigger question, why was all this shocking to people?

Preach as you may please, but we are heavily dependant on others to validate our happiness. We breed on acceptance from peers and loved ones like holding onto a ventilator pumping happiness into us. We were not moulded this way and we need to know this is wrong.

First things first, there is no greater love than thyself
Like this: When highly stressed, getting a pedicure on your feet or the nasty neighbour's feet makes you feel better?

Secondly, nobody stays forever
P.S. yes I'm being a mood killer now.
Like this: You're born alone and till the last breath, you are pretty much the only person who stays with you for so long. The rest come n go as they please.

Relationships are not for neglecting yourself.
Like this: Big revelation, I know. But it is a relationship only if you love and accept yourself first. The sparks fizzle out when people do not treat themselves like they did at the beginning. Who will love you if you don't? 

It must not take a heartbreak or a tragedy for one to realise that self love comes above all. 
Been wanting to get that pixie crop? Get one today! Go ahead with that beautiful little tattoo you've been wanting to get done. If you feel like re-doing your room with fairy lights or going on a road trip with your besties, do it today. Dress for yourself and find work that makes you happy. Your eulogies won't mention the pretty shoes and how much you strived at making others happy. For life is short as you know, and with each passing day its getting even more shorter for you to while away the little precious time becoming history each minute. 

Better half or not, you definitely don't need them or anyone to make you fall in or out of love... with yourself! 

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