Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Run 'Baby' Run!

Dear Mr. Aamir Khan,
                 Namaste! I woke up day before to the sight of newspapers flashing the headline news of your wife contemplating about leaving India in order to find a 'safer' haven for your family. Good one, by the way! Could you tell us what specific intolerance have you come across in the past year? What exactly alarmed you more than 1984 riots, 1993 attacks, 26/11 or Nirbhaya rape case? Quoting Mr. Anupam Kher, "Incredible India to Intolerant India in 7 months?" On one hand, you gave us 'Satyameva Jayate' and instilled in us, hope and faith for a better tomorrow; and on the other, you talk about making conditions better by leaving the country just because you're alarmed now that you've suddenly realized that Indians have become intolerant! What exactly is the point you're trying to make?
Dear Mr. Khan you are a celebrity and the undeniable creme de la creme of our motherland. Chances of you facing corruption, poverty, abuse, exploitation, atrocities, inflation, etc. on a daily basis are lesser than rarity. The common man of India faces at least one of the above mentioned issues on  a daily basis. Does that mean people here relocate to 'safer' havens? If that had to be the case, I'll just say that India would definitely not be the second largest populated democracy in the world. Does this scare your wife?
 Mr. Perfectionist as they call you, were you born perfect? Were all the movies that you were associated with, an instant box office record breaker? NO. We could have comfortably boycotted all your movies after the 1990's; a time when most of your movies tanked disastrously. Instead, we kept patience till you worked your way up to be one of the superstars of our nation! Is this scary? 
India has faced brutal terrorism in various parts of the nation including Mumbai, where you peacefully resided for the past 50 years. Does the peace haunt you?
Speaking of intolerance, if India had to be intolerant indeed, all rapists, criminals and terrorists would face public executions and castrations on a daily basis. How many of those have you witnessed here? Terrorists wouldn't be relaxing in jails with VIP security and biryani meals; corrupt officials would no longer hold onto their jobs; roadways and railways would have been perfect; there would no longer be any atrocities; no price hikes and no exploitation. BUT... We're a tolerant lot, DAMN! That is scary now, isn't it?
None of the Bollywood movies would have gained profit if each citizen of India first cross checked their caste with the actor's and then decided which one to watch. But what can we do, we turn out to be tolerant! I presume the box office success of your movies also makes you scared. 
Talking about your defense statement, Mr. Khan, speaking like an ignorant foreign visitor about your motherland which made you one of the most influential people of this generation does not make you a patriot. Are you really saying this about a democracy which has the LARGEST youth population in the WORLD? Yes, if you speak against India, we WILL rebel. Weren't you rebellious enough as well in your youth? By Bollywood standards, you're still 'young' and thus, rebelling! In simple words, you cannot slap someone in public and then expect them to shut up, praise and admire your deeds. If you are exercising your freedom of speech and expression entitled to you, then so are we.
Being an international and influential celebrity that you 'were' did you forget how your statements could paint a totally different picture about our 'Incredible India' to the world? The one you publicized so much about? People went crazy with humble news like 'Aamir Khan will be wearing a skirt in PK' or ' Aamir Khan has gained weight for Dangal'. What really made you think that statements such as these would not cause scandals? Nothing proved your point Mr. Khan, not even your statement of defense. You may either choose to keep your wife's silly statements to yourself or be ready to face the consequences of repeating her babbles in public. As our ancestors have rightly advised, "Ghar ki kuch baatein chaar diwaron tak hi rakha karo"!
Though I can proudly say that India has not faced such brutality as other nations, we truly believe in 'Athithi Devo Bhava' and you are free to leave the country after the pleasant stay! We Indians will be more than happy and overwhelmed to organize your farewell to other 'safer havens' than India that you deem 'perfect'. But make sure to not come back when you face worse things there. Really, saying and doing are entirely two different things. Even your movies were made for profit so you cannot garner sympathy by naming how much good you have 'acted' in them. This profession was entirely your choice. I wonder what values you are meaning to instill in your little child by running away from his motherland. 
Nonetheless, happy packing and sayonara, Mr. Khan! Bon voyage to you! Send us a postcard when you reach the haven! :)
P.S: Mars seems like a good option now that Nasa has found water there! Moreover, never heard of aliens having intolerance issues either. Couldn't be more safe :) *just a thought* *also kidding*

P.P.S: To the people of India, please refrain from tarnishing the image of Snapdeal, Titan, Samsung, Coke, Emami, Tata Sky, Godrej, etc. just because Aamir Khan is the brand ambassador. They are equally scandalized by his statements and they sure didn't see this coming when he was signed. They signed the celebrity superstar and not his vague thoughts and ideas. They are innocent and have incurred enough wrath in the past 48 hours for nothing they have done. Also, what major difference would it make to India if 'he' really relocated? India has better things to focus upon. Let's stand by the sensible ones, people.

All I want to say is, everyone has an opinion, but the impact of sharing it changes with power.

Peace, Jai Hind.. 

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