Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dream Catchers

So it's been a while since I've been working on something that we can now call a public secret. It all started around a year back when the writing bug caught me and I was hooked to my laptop, typing like a maniac all day and night. Additional/essential encouragement was made available in plenty from dear/extremely patient friends. The actual publishing will take some time (duhh)! But here's a little something to look forward to! I humbly present- 


Based in New Linford, the story begins with the protagonist Carrie and her best friends Joe, Agnette, Derek and Zylen. Frustrated with mundane routines and time-bound schedules, they decide to undertake a road trip to relax themselves by un-following diets and gormandizing sinful treats. Each one of the gang decides to accomplish a personal goal while on the trip. Though unknowingly, it is set to change their lives forever. 
Why do they plan the trip? What happens at each pitstop? Do they reach their destination and what is all this leading them into? 
The five embark on a journey of love, friendship, danger and mystery as destiny leads them to unlock something bigger than anticipated. Like dream catchers, do they dare to see the good dreams and trap the bad ones out? 

Phew!! For that, we'll have to wait and watch this space for more! Tell me what you think and I'll give you an insight by posting some excerpts straight from chapter 1 asap! :)