Monday, March 15, 2010


Aaryan or monu, my nephew. Being the only child, i didn't much like babies as a kid. i loved my cousins though...all of them, without a second thought or a doubt. and the time came when my eldest cousin was to tie the knot. now i love my bhabhi too. i was in 8th std. then. when i came to the 9th std., our family was gearing up to welcome my bro's 1st child. i still remember, all of us were so excited and happy. finally the day came. i was attending my class that day. as soon as my class got over, i rushed to the nearest coin box available(no mobile phones that time). i called up my brother and he said, "it's a boy!" wow! that feeling.....i cannot explain. it was like the baby of the family finally became an aunt! i couldn't go to meet him in the hospital. a few days later, it was rakshabandhan and we were going to my bhabhi's place(she and Aaryan were there). i went upstairs to see my little cutiepie sleeping peacefully between soft pillows.
on his blue dress was written "I am a Johnson Baby". i fell for him there. then came my boards and the proceeding vacation. i spent both at my brother's place. i got to know him so well there. we laughed and played together. i sometimes fed him and put him to sleep. it gave me such a lot of happiness........wait, i was slowly changing. i had started to fall in love with babies. monu made me smile....... everyday. then he started his baby talk in some months. he said mamma, dada, papa and bua! hearing him call me and my cousin bua was always a pleasure. we 3 spent the whole day together teaching him and learning new things everyday, making simple indoor and outdoor games for him and of course waiting for my dad to come in the evening. he was initially soo scared of my dad. poor thing used to cry even at his sight. but now, they're GREAT friends! n he even teases my dad with a very funny name! and in case he forgets the name??? we remind him always!!! oh! its been such a beautiful time with him. life would have seriously been boring had Aaryan not been there. and all the times i look at him, a voice inside me says, God's creations are still beautiful..........<3

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