Sunday, March 14, 2010


sitting in the hall and finishing my breakfast slowly, i remember the time i had regular college. getting up early and getting ready for college. stuffing the breakfast in mouth and gulping a bucket full of milk, filling my bag with ONE notebook and other essentials like EARPHONES, rushing to the bus stop and getting down at Modern, then going further to Garware, my college. the day used to be hectic with just only one lecture at times! yet we people managed to bunk n go to Bibin's for our daily dose of pani-puri. roaming the whole of Modern, FC, LCR, Kothrud, Karve RD. etc.
then meeting Motu(Manasi) and Apu(Apurva), that used to be wow!! still is! we guys always do mad things together, like creating madness in all the buses we travel, acting stupid at Mcd (coz that's the only good place nearby), getting food from home n organizing our own style dabba party. OMG! that was sooo much of fun. we hogged like we never ate before! then more madness followed when we started studying, then going out to get some pakodas n vada pavs from Joshi's........WOW! its true someone said that "best friends don't allow you do stupid things.........alone!"
then suddenly realizing that i got late for my bus, i run to DG. there lies my regular bus 'deccan-pimplegurav-deccan 107'. i board the bus to find two more friends, Sneha and Pooja. its fun in the bus too. we laugh and giggle over silly jokes like schoolgirls, do some mischief and throughly enjoy the ride back home! then we have our earphones ready and one good song on the FM and "hey, tune into this......they're playing this song!", reading out jokes from our cells, discussing things and making fun all the time.
i come back home all tired and soon its time i go for my classes. but i look forward to it everyday. there i meet kamini, or trishala along with motu and apu. kamini- that's what we call each other (out of love of course!) another 3 hours of the best time of the day! we study, go to PC for 15 mins when we have only a 5 mins break and have fun there. never did i love studying so much.
finally i come back home at 9.30 like im almost dead. no more energy..........i see food, ok now i feel better even though i had paneer submarine, singapoori roll and rum ball at PC! have dinner, study a little and go to bed. poor thing my bed, loves me so much, always wants me to be there! slowly, i drift into my land of dreams.........suddenly, 'zooom zooom'. i wake up. huh? ok i got a msg. don't panic, its just my cell that vibrated! i reply back and then again.............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

if there's anything im looking forward to, its for our papers to get over and get back to my so called regular schedule!

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