Friday, March 19, 2010

on the positive side

its easy to say, "im sad." but its more difficult to be happy. i was no different from others. it was indeed very easy for me to be sad and think like a pessimist. sometime ago, i was in a problem. as usual, i started thinking about the negative aspects of it and became sad. then i thought,  why not think about the positive aspects too? it does not cause harm. yes, it was a little difficult in the beginning, but eventually, i mastered the 'art'. yes, it is an art to be an optimist. to think of all the happy times you've shared with your friend, when you've just had a fight, to think destiny has something better in store for you, when you've just suffered bad luck, to rejoice that there was a wonderful person in your life just when you've lost that person, to think of all the rights a person has done just when they go wrong, to think of the beautiful flowers a plant gave you just when it dried away................ and much more. its easy to find sadness, maybe even when you are happy. but it is very difficult to find happiness and retain it. its easy to shed a tear, but difficult to stop it. it took me time to understand this, but now, i feel life is so much better...... its when i can decide to be happy even in the darkest phases.........

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