Monday, July 26, 2010

An unexpected muse..!

Its 4 months since my last blog... thanks to a busy schedule! I had no intentions of updating it until recently I spoke to a friend of mine. he said he read my blog and liked it. oh common, now who doesn't like some true appreciation! ok thank you! He said i must write often... now that put me in a fix! What do I write about? It all started as a joke when I told him that he'll be my next topic and surprisingly enough, he agreed! It was then that I thought... y not? So here I am, writing about this friend of mine. Its like writing a testimonial about him in my blog!
 Well, talking about him, he sure is quite a vibrant person. Maybe that helps him in making friends (talking about his increasing friend list by the day). But jokes apart, I initially thought that he is 'an angry young man' with some pessimism which he has hopefully overcome! I never thought he'd be this fun to be with. But that's only when he's in a good mood.Everything i say has different meanings according to him (some weird ones too)! We are literally tom and jerry bickering at each other and fighting for no serious reasons whatsoever most of the time. My Mr. Muse often likes solitary with just his thoughts and him (i wonder what he broods over.. or maybe i know! :P ). Unpredictable as,... I don't know what... you never know what he comes up with. One of the very few people who manage to drive me nuts... he's got exceptionally good skills at that. A family guy who likes to rebel for what he likes no matter what. His friends mean a lot to him, but not more than family. 
If at all you ever need an encyclopedia as to the best hangouts, food n drinks, there he is! 
Somebody who likes music and dance... and can cook pretty well if rumors are to be believed (no, i haven't tried)! 
A very straight-forward n frank person (yeah, people must be frank not fake). Good at making up jokes (good, bad, silly ones included) to cheer you up. But when he's in a bad mood, likes to be left alone like an uncharted territory. The quintessential Beckham or John according to his friends (I have no idea why they call him that).
I could go on and on. But what makes him stand out probably is that he is courageous and has this die-hard fight back attitude.
Many come and go, but just some people stay. You're one of those. Ok I  know that I am buttering you lots now, haha.
But seriously, he is one of the few people with whom i have absolutely no formalities, and the topic of conversation : silly or philosophical doesn't matter. I am just myself... best or worst ask him! LOL... 
I don't think there is anything much about you to be changed... except of course your phone! 
This and much more of knowing you for 3 years now! Cheers!

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