Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Manasi or just simply motu for me... 
Its going to be year since i met this girl. One of the most wonderful and important person of my life. When we first met, I seriously never imagined things to be so beautiful one year down the line. Like usual, we started off as good friends and got to know each other over time. Hmm, talking about her, she's a very interesting subject. She's from Nainital, a very beautiful place on our map. Like her place, she's a beautiful person : both by face and heart! 
She's like this sibling i never had. I could never think of getting into and out of problems so easily without her! LOL... Motu as we call her, she's a few extra pounds. Like me, somebody who doesn't feel embarrassed to say that we've put on pounds. But she's more than happy to hear us calling that! Our day is never really complete without talking or texting each other.  Had it not been for her, we could have never organised such great "dabba parties" n meet-ups ( credits : her room, she's a PG), had it not been for this motu, I could never have met awesome people and made friends, had it not been for her, we people could not learn to be strong enough ( she's a fattu and carries Hanuman Chalisa along... but not more than trisha of course).  I officially declare that this girl doesn't know to ride well. I've finally lost count of the number of times she's met with an accident! No, i can't bear to see her like that because... she yells way too badly when she gets stitches!
From shopping, to studying, to hangouts to sleepovers, she's my constant partner in crime! We love each other so much so that we even fall for the same guy(sammy) or rather the same dog! (she loves "DOGS" and adores them ) hahaha! LOL...!
Motu is someone who was there for me when i needed her the most...She's as protective of me as my mum, as loving as even i could not love myself...
For both of us, we are each other's bitches... absolute retards! When we're together, nothing much really matters. Gosh, i cannot think of a day without this mado in my life...
Its just that, I found her when she wanted me...


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  2. love u too baby... <3
    don't keep saying this thing of goin back... i dnt want u to ...

  3. well i started reading your blogs this morning.
    was hearng about them from quite a long time.
    they are good,readable,presentation is also nice.

    but the most imp. thing is that i'm getting to know a lot of things from these blogs.

    1st- that motu has met with many accidents. i never came to know abt one even.

    2nd- sammy( the dog)
    would like to know abt him.

    the only thing i alrdy knew was that my sis love dogs( she showed me one wen i visited pune)

    well keep writing.