Wednesday, July 28, 2010

14th June... unforgettable!

There have been many 14th June's... but none like the one this year. 
It started as a normal day until afternoon when friends came home. They came home at around 4 and spent some time at my place (nothing unusual). We planned for some "peth pujan" on the way at Mc.D. As magical as it could get, it started drizzling the minute we stepped out of the house! Now, 3 bikes and 6 of us... Sanya and Trisha on one, Motu and Apu on one and me with Shradz. OMG! I swear i never had so much fun on a ride! By the time we reached SIMS, my hat flew off... and I would have considered myself the greatest idiot of all times, had I gone to fetch it back. Singing "ab ke sawan..." and all possible rain songs on the way, Shradz n me reached Mc.D first. All wet, we kept waiting for the others in that heavy rain. Not that we dnt enjoy it, but it was raining cats and dogs! In spite of  wearing  jackets and windcheaters, we were completely WET! Not even a single strand of hair dry! With so many prying eyes around us, we decided to leave... better late than never... haha! Just then we got a call from Sanya asking us to come over to Motu's room... I guessed it... something was wrong. 
We met them at the clinic down. Yes, once again Motu met with an accident... but a bad one this time. While the doc slaved over her giving her injections and stitches, we decided to bunk class. What an excitement... and Motu yelling as a background score. We called up to inform that 6 of us won't be coming. Not like they could change our minds but just as a formality. Sanya and me then decided to get a take away... hungry hippos like us! We took a take away for I guess 700 bucks and left asap because... we were wet and guys out there were not blind! Ok guys, i know we are wet, but stop staring at us like that! 
Back at the room changing into Motu's clothes, I ate like i'd never eaten before... everyone was the same...! With the cokes, fries, burgers, ketchups, wet clothes and more mess all around us... we enjoyed and partied like the world would end tomorrow (sans any party elements... which actually didn't matter)!
I keep thinking if we had a time machine... i'd definitely go back in time... just to relive those beautiful memories i had with some of the most special people of my life...!!! 

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