Friday, April 1, 2011


last year i probably had the best onam ever. it all started with a silly conversation with gelato (or abhi). 
we were chatting late at night and i told him it was onam tomorrow. ok, now being a maharashtrian he knew about the festival but didn't know of its significance and he wanted me to tell him about it. and there i was, in the middle of the night, explaining to mr. Deshapnde why we south indians celebrated onam. a lot of 'but y...' doubts, but i finally pulled it off! the next thing he told me was, "im coming kal khane pe" i think i mentioned about the delicious 'onasadya', the daawat made for onam ;) and then he went on with his all-time non-stop 24/7 nonsense like wat gift do i get for u? tell me wat u want, he is the biggest flirting chalta firta romantic on earth. so can't expect anything less either! anyways i told him to shut up and went off to sleep, thinking of my 'onakodi', my new dress for onam, onasadya etc. etc.

the morning was good because i was already thinking of lunch. i ate little, very litte breakfast because i was making space for rice, sambar, dal, papads, pickles, sabji, avial, bananas, chips, payasam, etc. i also made a small 'pookalam', rangoli with flowers outside the house. just then motu texted me, "happy onam vedu". i sent the "thanks motu". and the next text was "abhi n me coming for lunch"... WHAT??? are u serious??? and she gave me numerous affirmations untill it finally sank in. the main reason i wanted a REAL confirmation was beacuse, mom had prepared lunch just for the 3 of us (achan, amma n me) and she had left for office as she had half day. so if they were goin to come, i had to make more rice to fill all our big fat potbellys. 
dad was at home (great relief) and he asked me how many will be coming. "maybe 2 i guess....." . i wasn't really sure who all would make it. anyways, we cooked rice for around 5 extra people! all set now! they came around 12.30 i guess... four people. motu, apu, abhi n trisha! ah, dad, what an estimation! and mom came home around 1.00 pm. thank god! no more tensions now.
we sat chatting for sometime until hunger was at its epitome. lunch was served in my room. mom n me laid the banana leaves, dad helped in serving. with every serving, followed an explanation as to what was what and how it was made :) apu ate very less i remember. ahh, what a ful'filling' lunch! :p
we decided to settle down in the hall after lunch. lying down like "so tired of eating", we occupied two couches and a bean bag, unaware of the whereabouts of our hands and feet. 
then some usual talk that we do (silly, philosophical, serious, futuristic, relations, academics... blah blah blah) with some 'usual' phone calls (abhi's aai) and yes, ameya also rang up that day. aai was curious to know were abhi was. and he said, "aai, don't worry, i'll be home in sometime. i am at vaidehi's place for lunch. today is onam..." aai: vaidehi nair? (no aai! all malayalees are not necessarily nairs!!) hehehehe
he was the only guy that day amongst us 'peoples' (almost always like that) coz somebody else couldn't make it. so all us girls in the background, "aai, don't u worry, he's safe, he's with us, your bahus!" LOL i don't think she heard that... not like she'd have a problem. but she should've been worried that he was the only guy amongst four girls! hahahaha
and in sometime they left. in the evening, my neighbour in the opposite building told me, 'i guess your friends were here in the afternoon. i could hear the noise..."
all i could do is manage to bring up a (weird) smile thinking, that aunty didn't hear of all the crap we were blabbing of... in spite our decibels being high...ummmm low.... :)

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