Friday, April 1, 2011

Encounter with the "Geek"

10th September, i remember the day was a great one. it was Id, my brother's anniversary and a baby's birthday. throughout the day i had only been eating and making fun with my 'peoples'. i came home and my mother reminded me, "today is kiddo's (lets call that baby kiddo here) birthday. we have to go there in the evening." "ok..." i replied, thinking how i was going to manage eating more food that day (i already had 2 lunches). we reached there. unlike a two year old kid's birthday, i could find only old people. ah! i thought, whatever i am going to do here.!
occasionally i saw a boy roaming aimlessly around the house. say, he looked around my age.. wearing a loose over-sized t-shirt that belonged to his uncle (which i got to know only later from him), dark specs, unshaved, sole handler of the camera.. one glance and he looked the quintessential geek.
the cake was cut and we sang 'happy birthday to you...' and he was standing behind, spraying the party snow on everyone present there. ok, this geek knew how to have fun and he was laughing too! i decided to sit in the hall and started checking out the pics in the cam. suddenly, he came there searching for it.
me: here, take it..
he: no no! its ok. u see the pics, i'll come later..
what a nerd i thought. i gave him the cam and went out. he suddenly came in my way and said hi. i was flabbergasted! what do i talk to him? i managed another "hi".
he: what do u do?
me: im doing my SYJC. what about you?
he: just done with my engineering, working with Patni computers. my results were out yesterday.
Omg! i thought. an engineer? in 10 minutes i knew he had graduated in EnTC from Atharva college in Mumbai, a PG in pune, went to kalrashukla classes, had biology in 12th and had a bond with his company for 2 years (which he was not very keen on completing)... he went on to explain everything and i was standing there listening to him, hoping some interesting conversation would pop up as i had nothing much to do there.
me: aapka naam kya hai? (as he was elder)
he: mujhe 'aap' mat kaho. 'tum' bolo. 'aap' bohot ajeeb lagta hai. my name is nitin.
me: ok sure. i am vaidehi.
he: nice name.
me: thanks.

ah, what boring people we are! the kiddo's dad then introduced him. "this is my niece... oh i am sorry, my nephew i mean."  nephew??? such a big nephew??? so the two year old kiddo has a brother who is a graduate?!! ok, maybe. both of us didn't bother to tell him that we already got ourselves introduced :)
we spoke a li'll more and then i left. i didn't bother to even say bye. i just wanted to go home and sleep as my tummy was on the verge of bursting with all the biryani  and the birthday cake.
a few days later i thought of searching him on facebook, the greatest 'friend search engine'. 'Nitin' i typed in...     oh wait! i didn't know his surname! what disappointment! that made me want to hunt more for him! so i put in all possible malayalee surnames i could think of : nair, pillai, menon, panicker, prasad, mohan, chandran, etc. etc. all in vain..!
and one day in my friend suggestions, i read, "Nitin G", one mutual friend and his pic was there too (though he looked a little different with his straightened hair)! i sent him a request and a message too, trying to remind him how and where we met (i really didn't expect him to remember me).
andd the rest is history... i used to be his BBC regarding all possible news related to the kiddo and his famliy when he was in pune (now happily working in mumbai).
Eg: me: hey congrats! ur chechi is getting engaged.!
he: huh? really? ok.... i don't know, i'll ask.. thanks btw!
 we spoke about everything from food and drinks to exams and 'guys', with him telling me how guys are and warning me to stay away from them (the bad ones).. :)  its been great with this friend, philosopher, guide and the quintessential "Big Brother" at times! he has promised to find my Mr. Right for me and i have been heavily bribed to write good things about him ;) (bribe: sponsor my wedding! to do so for a malayalee wedding, and that too from the girl's side is definitely a brave decision for sure!)
LOL! but if i'd have to describe him, he's the nerd, one who pays nearly 25,000 bucks for gymming (which i don't really think he needs- all thanks to his size zero physique) the guitarist of his band 'decibel breakdown', a fantastic friend and going by his 'choice', a great taste!
just a couple of months of knowing this fabulous soul, and we have still never met as yet...


  1. Nice One...Keep writing.

    Happy for u that u found a special friend for urself...Shud thank that kiddo for that :)..

    Salu chechi

  2. yes chechi, many thanks to the little baby :)