Friday, June 24, 2011

Finally an "A"!

             Apu n me share birthdays in may. So she plans for me n i plan for her surprise with the others. But this year, i could never sense anybody's enthusiasm for my day. It all started around April, much to my annoyance.
for ex.:
trisha: hey we must get a chocolate cake for apu! she loves it. n then we'll surprise her at midnight and blah blah blah...

abhi: wooow! yes! we'll do that. and then the birthday bumps and the cake facial! super fun! may 11th is gonna be fun! blah blah blah...
me: oh yea! we must get a gift for her too! n then blah blah... my birthday in 3 days... blah blah.. 
trisha n abhi: (almost the same irritating cold reply) ooh yea.. ur birthday too.. hmmmm. we won't be there, coz we're leaving on 14th itself to Nainital. so lets come back n plan something if we get the time.
me: (what the hell? how dare u guys react like i made u eat cold sizzlers!?) *angry*
        And preparations for apu started (as we were done with our exams and had all the time n the world!). Then came MAY! i was soo happy! Even when i got angry on these people for not showing any interest, i kept telling myself, "don't worry, they're planning something for u too.. maybe another surprise!"
But then as soon as this spark came to my mind, these people used to extinguish it with their poker faces n clueless expressions. Duhh... im done now! I hate these people for doing this to me! Lucky apu!
To add to all this, i was excluded from apu's birthday surprise too. Now my anger was boiling more than alcohol!

*13th May*
      i looked like Nirupa Roy (all sad), and sitting online i hoped to talk to someone to feel better. No smiles, no hopes n no expectations.. 18th birthday doomed! :(  i wanted to kill them for leaving for nainital on 14th May itself! (their reason for not celebrating my day..! *angry*)
Just then abhi's mom came online. 
aunty: hey vaidehi!
me: hi aunty..
aunty: kya hua? 
me: they are leaving tonight. kal birthday hai. they didn't even remember.
aunty: nahi beta, aisa nahi hai. they love u a lot. u don't know..
me: hmmm.. that's being seen.
aunty: toh kya hua, we are here! we will all celebrate.
me: (feeling better speaking to someone) yes aunty :)
aunty: ok beta, i have to go now, happy birthday! 
me: thank u aunty!
       Now i was not bothered about them. who says i won't have a birthday if they are not here! even if they are my best friends! *attitude* ;)
I was in my room around 11.00 pm when i heard a rickshaw pull up. I didn't bother (as my neighbor's house is one big guest house! they have guests 365 days a normal year n 366 days a leap year!).
then one more rickshaw passed by. poor things i thought, these guests never leave them alone.
         In 5 minutes, somebody knocks the door. wondering who it was at this time of the night, i looked through the peep-hole. 1,2,3,... and 4 heads, i counted! OMG! These 4 monkeys! i could hardly manage to open the door out of excitement! I opened the door and it was now that i looked like the actual Nirupa Roy reuniting with her Karan-Arjuns! i was soo happy! so thrilled and excited! (hate to admit, but yes, almost in tears) :P
Soon we cut the cake with the candles arranged as 81 :) and got done with all the "rituals" of kicks n facials. My birthday was now complete! It didn't matter even if i didn't celebrate in the day! 
It is then that i get to know, that they'd been planning for my birthday since the past 2 months, because they were leaving on the same day.
They even excluded me for Apu's surprise because they wanted to plan better.
And they even managed to get Sudhu (who lives in mumbai) to my place.
Abhi's mom n sister were also well aware (they were warned by these people to not let anything out).
Moreover, they were roaming with the cake wherever they went since sunset!
Aaahhh, what more could i have asked for! :)
                 As they had no more time to wait, i ran out to see them off with the cream still on my face, trying to get off whatever was possible with hands :P 
One of the best and most memorable days on my life! trisha, abhi, sudhu n apu <3 !

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