Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mr. Bestie!

sweets are usually not my thing, but gelato is an exception. :)
alright before i confuse you anymore, gelato is my best friend! or perhaps that is an understatement. :D
no, that's not his name! it is inspired from the deepika-imraan starrer 'Break K Baad'.
no love no break up no expectation no mess, only an amazing friendship here :) (v just liked d movie :P )
the more i write about him, the less it actually is!
something about me is funny. the ways in which I meet my special people are weird :/
this nut! i met him for the first time at Fergusson. we were in the 11th. if i had to describe him as per our first meeting: a full nerd who loves solving bangui all day. integration and differentiation were like ABCD to him. :/ (complex! big complex i have against you!)
and P.S: he used to solve our class assignments :P (thank you for that.)
i met him through a common friend, not knowing how insanely uncommon he is :D
as it goes, slowly we got talking.
and i got to know what a BIG flirt he is! he is impossible :/ he will flirt with anything even remotely feminine :D (no offence gelat..!!)
with time we became jay and veeru. (according to him im his "buoy") =D
so now, our Bollywood breathing society says "ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte."
And.... the world thinks we are, we were or will be seeing each other at some point of time ;)
People! NO. we cannot date each other. and we never will. (even if he falls for me :P)
its fun when some south indian delicacy is made at home and his aai says, "haan aaj toh tu ache se khane wala hai" hahahahaha Aai! ur so cute :D love you... (yeah they are aai n baba for me too)
it was meant to be, like tom and jerry, laurel and hardy ;) constantly bickering at each other but never without the other :D
a psyche that he is, comes home unexpectedly to give me surprises. (a big P.S. I LOVE surprises! and gifts and... ok later :P)
irony, he is also my biggest surprise spoiler :/ he always (well almost) ends up telling me wat hez upto :D
and sometimes when im "surprised" to see him again, he says, "dude, iv come to meet dad, not u!" uugghh! alright! XD
we are like too immature for ourselves and overtly mature for each other. when im low, im a complete baby with him making me understand the how-n-how of things. and when hez low im like his mother telling him what to do n what not :D (ok i lovveee scolding this boy)
result: he does not receive calls anymore when he is driving. yaayyy!
he will ping me first because im a girl. hehehehe (oh but i also do that! anyway...)
his first salary will get me an Audi :P ok that is too much i know :D
and on and on and on......
14 months younger to me, my lil best friend this is just a small tribute to ur mad soul :D

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