Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm T&C applied! :/ :P

some good inspirations u could say.. the blog seems to be getting timely updates ;)
Been long since iv wanted to write on this, but never really happened. one of d most dreaded topics these days.... LOVE. well, its not actually dreaded in reality. just that people do not talk of it in public (n here even God doesn't know why!)
it is indeed a beautiful feeling, 
but wait. let us go the more dreaded side of it. the break ups!
what is it? is it when u end up dating someone? no. u can go on after that too. its probably when one decides that nothing is the same.
how really do u deal with those?! 
ur lover might say: its all over.
ur friends might say: forget d person, dint deserve u anyway. don't think of it.
acquaintances might say: happens. 
moreover if ur big Indian family knows: i told you not to get into this! where do u listen? now sit with it. and blah blah blah and some more of it.
but what do YOU say? what do YOU feel?
is it that easy to change ur mind and feelings for that someone special and go ahead like nothing happened? can u move on so soon in a day? NO, you cannot. well, nobody can. that reminds me a famous movie dialogue, "when ur heart breaks, only your eyes show pain. but as a matter of fact, every part of ur body celebrates depression."
why do all these happen?
Is it because you fall for the wrong person? some say yes. but id say its not the wrong person. it is the place, time and things that go wrong.
In Ek Deewana Tha, Sachin never got over Jessie because he truly loved her even though she even had agreed to marry another guy.!
Is it because you value ur ego more than the person? perhaps. strange but true, this does happen. 
you speak of the chance u once gave and comfortably forget how many uv received. how uv been forgiven every time u make them wait, made them jealous, ignored and took impulsive decisions and how they still stood by you.
there is no ego in love. well, there shouldn't be any either. 
when u speak of tolerance and irritation, don't overlook what u did. 
when u speak of hurt, you don't see what uv inflicted on them.
everybody makes mistakes. after all ur only human. but what is love if u do not forgive? how can u not know that u too are forgiven many times.. knowingly or unknowingly; with or without your knowledge?
come to think of it.. why do u think someone tries to save the situation despite being hurt? do they not have their ego and self respect???
well, they do. and probably more than you! it simply means they place you before all that. they cared more than u ever thought.
one of the main reasons for all this is that people do not have time.. to meet, talk, discuss or anything. maybe that's why relationships are harder these days.
don't make them fall if ur not gonna catch them! don't defeat them when they fight for you!
and wait a second.! how long do you think will they run behind you and fix up things?
some specific time,...but definetly not forever. because sometimes you just have to chill and go with the flow. you have to let things happen that are beyond your control. u have to be brave put a smile on ur face and go on.
its sad people forget the miracles, changes and happiness that happened to them.
how one silly misunderstanding or fight makes you forget the wonderful time ul have had, the amazing people ul were!
have you ever given a thought as to why they must ve reacted that way? there surely is a reason darling! :)
perhaps, to make all the efforts worthwhile! (:
you probably never think how long something u said stays in their minds... 
and have u said u wanted to be good friends with somebody? Hahahaha..! oh my dear! true love never ends in just friendship. its always something more.. that even u don't know ;)
u feel superior when u hurt them? n u think might they sit crying forever? not really, coz they just learn to let go and go with the flow. there is no other option they are left with. do not complain then :D
A famous saying goes... "don't judge people by the way they speak, but by the way they care. because the mind speaks and care comes from a truthful heart..." :) 
and oh common if ur on this side, just smile dear!! :) life is too short to keep grudges, be sad or wake up with regrets.
and for those on the other side, stop thinking too much. just lock away ur brains n listen to ur heart. coz its not everyday that you come across someone who divides ur life into a pre and post phase of life after being with them! :):):) ... 
...and as one of my earlier blog says, "true love stories never end."

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