Saturday, February 9, 2013

An ode to the lovely society..!

                                        Shopping in the day n blogging by night! seems like a nice Saturday to me ;)
so. sitting by the desktop, downloading songs, munching on some sago snack..(one of my FAV)! ... a scene outside catches my sight. NOTHING unusual. a bunch of "bored by the housework" aunties. no prizes for guessing the round table conference held by them is always gossiping. wonder what updates all the newsfeed! OK! so here lets make a guess. on d possible topics n scrutinize a bit ;)
AAHH! so much fun proving people wrong :P ;)
This could effortlessly be labelled as the great Indian gossip stock.
Dear people, if u see a boy wid a girl or vice versa, it dsnt necessarily mean dey cud be lovers. m not saying never! but pls spare the horrifying stares :/ they cud be great friends. it gets embarrassing.
As much as mothers like to brag abt deir children's achievements, dey also humiliate u wen somebdy asks, "beta, padhai kaise chalu hai????" LADY! u forgot to wish d kid on his birthday! how come u no forget result days?? :O and ur mother will say"arey bhabhi! usne toh padhai karna chod hi diya hai!" OMG! how much sympathy did dat just garner! :/  not dat telling people u dnt study made ur scores any better. get ur child to do wat he/she wants to. maybe then u cud hold ur head up high n say, "padhai toh achi hi chal rahi hai!"
What's India without dem anyway! if der is a love match, then its upto dem to self employ demselves as detectives n find how dey met, go home n lecture their kids wat great sin it is to fall in love! REALLY? :/
n if its an arranged match, den d boy's mother is flooded wid national issues like.. how much did she get? :O OMG i really had no clue dat d bride is supposed to giv u ur desperate rags to riches story! well its mostly d later case coz in the Biggest Democratic of d world, people dnt hav the right to choose whom dey wanna spend deir life wid! giving boys a great reason to flirt around like, "babe i can date u, but i cant marry u."
Oh common! face it. i dunno why its such a taboo here?
dear aunty jis, with all due respect, if a person.. here mostly a teenager or youth talks about sex its not because dey r spoilt. its more bcoz dey are aware.
n love.. well, much has been said alrdy. a word of advice: love dsnt solely mean eloping, leaving ur family or getting pregnant.
Alright! now this topic is more sensitive than d above so NO COMMENTS! :X i zip.
but.. well pls do keep ur ideas to ur wardrobes. v like our jeans, leggings, trousers and occasional skirts, shorts n dresses :D it wud be great to not be judged on what u wear :|... Sincerely, Teenagers n Youth!
Well, u see... some of ur friends are still learning :P
Honestly, nothing much to hide! v jus like talking to our friends just like you! stop suspecting v have 10 lovers n are love chatting to all! :O (random... but we do have morals. vr not d cases who go arnd flirting with any tom dick and harrys) :)

P.S.: i do not wish to claim dat all aunty jis are d same. iv seen a hell lotta cool moms n auntys. this is intended for pun! :D :P

                                    NOW! dat feels some GOOD!!! :D
Not sure if any auntys are gonna read this, but nonetheless, a one side debate just WON! ;)
                                                                 CHEERS! :D: D :D

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