Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kaacch..!! :D

Now... this post is gonna have some real stuff!
Not only because its about a very close friend, but also about my new SON (seemingly older than me ;D ) Well well, before any of dat sets ur minds racing, i have just adopted a fully grown 20 something Gujarati, left earlobe pierced, with a khandaani double-chin and a somewat bulging belly (wch says "all is well") :P ok now dat just sounded  like the description for a jailbreak accused :D
Lets call him Kach... meaning glass.. well i cud say fragile glass (referring to how well we know him)
Too many adjectives actually to describe him... lets start wid some!! :D
* THE lame PJ devta:
yes! u can't beat him! i bet my fortune on dat :/
for exp:
>me: hey kach! how u doing?
kach: oh im awesome! coz i use cinthol!
.................. :/ seriously? X(

>(looking at my bangle)
kach: ye sone ka hai?
me: ha kyu?
kach: toh sulati kidhar tu isko??

>kach says bachpan mein main chota tha! :)
kyaa??? sorry hum toh bachpan se adult the :/
*THE troll master:
oh god i mean this! nobody troll like kach trolls :P
for exp:
if u ask him to click a picture of u, he will position the camera at u and take HIS OWN pic using the front cam :/ :D
*THE Mr. Bechara:
wen i first asked, how many has Kach dated? the answer was, "i lost count..."
OKAY! now that is the height of sarcasm EVER for Kach! this boy dsnt even know how to flirt! he keeps chatting only wid his sisters all day long! :D hez always been single :P (too rare for a love-struck romantic like him!)
now i really feel like a mother filling up for her son on a matrimony site! :|
*THE Devdas:
undebatedly, this point has to come next! tooo senti regarding just one person!
any girl... and trust me on this, just any girl wud actually KILL for a devdas like this in this age :D
well, the less said the better! :X
lets MOVE ON to the next point ;)
(i.e. if u get my POINT here :P)
*THE Weirdo:
Oooh yes! n i'll tell u why!
Kach will eat rice only with bare hands. he will never use a spoon! WHY? because then otherwise he dsnt get the feel of eating it :O
usually, people eat poha and drink tea. and then ders Kach! y waste energy doing two things? he mixes his tea along with the poha and relishes that! :O :D WWHHAATTT!!!
he loves his wafers way TOO much! Kach alone is enough to put the "Budhani Bros." out of business.
and the most weirdest thing of all, people still call this man normal :D
*THE Tansen:
he will sing to "hey shona...." all day long with dat blessed voice of his (too much, just too much sarcasm intended wid dat adjective :D ) and irritate me to bits! :P
*THE Hasmukh dikra:
yes, he can get that smile on ur face any given time! no matter what hez going through :D :)
(P.S.: that may even include some of his potentially deadly pj's!) :P
                              this post was promised to him eons ago :D because Kach is already too much into future planning. he says he will print this out and show it to his grand kids! :O XD
but i just needed a lil more time on the research ;) wat u read here is not even an ounce of what he really is! unless u haven't met this blonde u don't know him :P OK sorry but i know ur already gonna kill me for publishing some things here ;) but its all worth it ;)
                                                                                                         -Love, Momma :D
hahahaha......................................... :P ;)

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