Saturday, September 6, 2014

Red Velvet Dreams...

                          So it seems weird to be back after soo long! Especially when Google says please confirm it is you by logging in with details fit enough to sign you up for any potential matrimonial sites. Anyway! This login would have taken much longer had it not been for my lovely girl Trishala (Yes Google, that's her name. I haven't misspelt that. Now stop underlining it with that red ink for heaven sake!)
So, back to the blog.. This has been on my mind since quite some days now!
I wonder how many people are actually happy with the decisions they have taken in life. No seriously!! I see people slogging their guts off to complete projects and match deadlines where weekends sounds like the ultimate "Sanjivani booti' (Ohhh engg gives you a shot of that!! My life now makes sense :/ ). Sadly a case of  'this happens only in India' syndrome gets the most of us. If I hadn't been affected by it too, i'd rather be a writer who owns a designer boutique and travels the world :D ( now THAT would be my Red Velvet Dream! )
We are most often bogged down by societal pressures in the way of finding our true calling. Goes like..... "Sharma uncle ki beti ne engineering mein admission li hai...." OR "Gupta aunty ke bete ne MBBS kia hai"... "tumhe bhi karna chaiye."
Oh and btw, Sharma uncle ki beti ka chakkar dudhwale ke sath chal raha hai! What say now?????????????? :@ :D
As I'm nearing graduation, it hits me hard in the head to realize that i no longer know where i'm headed to! I'm like Alice now and my wonderland doesn't seem to end anywhere near :P
Talking about other things, they decide from what you wear to whom you marry to where you live to what you must do. Pretty much like 'Survival of the fittest'.
But hey, what if you had a chance to change the way things are?!?! (yeah that sounds adventurous.... I mean skipping your mom's belans and dad's chappals.. but think of it!)
 Have you ever thought what you would have been doing today if you were given the opportunity to decide for yourself? Maybe then we'd have lesser suicides and depressed people unhappy about their lives.
Who are you scared of disappointing? OK lets do a checklist (ignore the software language..!!)

-Let me define this for you. These are those species that will call you only those number of times which equals the number of your semesters. They are often seen using sentences and phrases like, "Beta, result kya aya??"
Once you start working, nobody bothers to call and ask "Beta project kaise chal raha hai? Khush ho?? Kuch paise dedu?"
So why in the name of God do you wanna live your life on their terms (trust me, nobody cares unless you are paying them half your salary every month :D )
-Again, they tell you whom to marry, not how to stay happy with random strangers for the rest of your life (WHATTT..!! Arranged marriages now seem creepy :O )
-When it comes to mistreating women, they want to put us girls in a burqa but not their boys on a leash (Ohhh u SADIST people!!! :@ )
-If you are nice to the opposite sex.... Kuch toh chakkar hai (Like the ACP in CID says "Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya!" Instead of "Daya, darwaza tod do.." I wish I could say, "Daya, muh toh do!" :D :P )
and so on and on...............

                  There are so many things to be listed, but then the blog wouldn't end.
My moral of the story here is, follow your dreams.... No matter what. In the end its you who is going to face the consequences of it. NOT your padosi ki aunty ki beti ke potey ka bua! Phewww!! :P
Once you're done with obeying them, believe me nobody cares if you're happy or sad, dead or alive.
Go ahead, have a 'Plan B' in life. Take up a long lost hobby or an activity you enjoy. Switch jobs to where you find your dreams taking shape...
If it seems right or gets a smile on your face, DO IT! You'll only regret the decisions you didn't take and the opportunities you didn't seize when you could.  
And finally be with and around people who make your only journey down here worthwhile :) (unless of course you believe in Egyptian mummies and rebirths ;) :D )
So the next time you come back to read something here, I hope something must have changed! I hope u'd be nearer to your Red Velvet Dream..!! :)

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