Saturday, January 24, 2015

The 'Mummyji-Behenji' ideologies...

                           Sometimes you just want to write something and nothing good comes up.. and sometimes when you're not even trying, something amazing crops up!
This post here is dedicated to all men (if you qualify being one), boys, guys, babas and all things male. 
What news do we compulsarily wake up to every morning? 
Physical/domestic/mental abuse and rapes are a staple diet that our leading newspapers provide us with every morning. No, I'm not being a sadist! But life is not always sugar, spice and everything nice right?
HEY! Why is it not like that? Where does all this start? Do we really choose to ignore the subtle ones? WHY???
So this warm afternoon, my whatsapp beeps (well it beeps all the time :D)
My dear friend here texts me saying, "Some creeps saw my picture and i heard them comment about it!! They used such foul language! But it was such a decent picture! Why do all guys have to be jerks?!! Why target me?!??"
Ok yes she's a little hyper and all.. but wait a minute. She has a point somewhere.
Stop searching! She's a woman! The message is obviously hidden! :P
Let's decode a bit... (yes technical language... blame the IT project I'm ignoring right now... Stop staring you minimized window!!)
In this age of selfies and social networking, where people tell you from what they had for breakfast to where they went grocery shopping, how wrong is it for a girl/woman to upload a simple picture of hers? Yes just the 'Naari Shakti'.. haven't heard of men going through this "struggle" yet!
I have friends who upload pictures of celebrities and animals as their profile pictures (you don't look like either of them :/ ) fearing the above mentioned creeps.
And why do women fear them? OH read on!! It just gets funnier from here ;)
So MEN... not all, but SOME pathetic ones have pre-decided stereotypes for women! 
Psst!! We women don't even have pre-decided clothes for a day! :O :/
Let's try to list a few......
-She is good looking........ She has boyfriendS! (Note the plurality) 
-She drinks alcohol.......... She is a s**t!
-She talk to boys.............  She is easy!
-She wears shorts............  She is of a very loose character!
-She goes out at night...... She definitely sleeps with guys!
-She wears a short dress.. She has a bad upbringing!
-She meets friends........... She has nothing better in life to do!
-She has guy friends........ She is sleeping with them all!
-She does make up.......... She just wants to lure every guy she sees!
-She is fun....................... She is just a "gone case"!
-She shows skin.............. She has to sleep with me!

OK stop... because it's like a woman's shopping list... IT JUST NEVER ENDS!
Every girl who reads this will know that nothing is exaggerated and there is nothing to be flabbergasted about. 
To every guy who thinks this is true, I have something to say to you! :)
You are living today because a WOMAN chose to give birth to you.
You are strong enough because a WOMAN cooks for you everyday.
You wear clean clothes because a WOMAN washes them for you.
You live in a well kept house because that's how a WOMAN wants you to live.
You make mistakes because a WOMAN selflessly forgives.
You love your MOTHER, you adore your SISTER, you care for your GRANDMOTHER, you love your WIFE/GIRL, you relied on a TEACHER to educate you, you let a MAID to keep your house spic and span, you pray to a GODDESS to ace your exams.... and so many more roles..
If you can't live without them, least I'd suggest you learn to respect them! 
Yes we are women, we have lady parts, we are beautiful and none of these mean that you own us.
If you think otherwise, it's your BLUNDER, not ours.
Calm your hormones, if you ogle at our body parts, somebody will ogle at your female-related-closely-to-you's body parts! It's a simple give and take karma.   

This post is to all those boys (yes, you aren't MEN yet) out there who think a woman's dignity is based on what you think it should be.
It's not. It just makes it easier for us to differentiate between adolescent boys, barking dogs and true gentlemen! :) (thanks for the silly help by the way!!)
So now you know it doesn't really make that much of a difference as you thought it does..  (self-obsession i tell you!)
So get over yourself. We don't respect you, we just pity your level of intelligence :)
And THANK YOU! It would have been an otherwise boring weekend for me... but making this post was simply FUN!! :D

P.S.: I'm definitely very very very "Oh Not sorry" for what I wrote :D 
A woman sacrifices for a man much more than he could possibly think of. So give respect and take some back! 
Hope this makes it easier for you boys to find out which category you fit into! (Girls really root for the Men... maybe that's your hint!) ;)
and P.P.S.: The title is a little censored... it's trying to be nice :) :D